Creation economy is broken.

Let's fix it.

Our mission is to reinvent the Creation Economy.

We think that as a creator, you should be rewareded for your work without relying on crappy sponsorings or greedy platforms.

We think you should be able to make a living and thrive as your community grows.

We also think your community members should be rewarded when they support you.

We're creating new tools to embody this vision, and we want to take you for a ride with us.

Pleiad - A new era for content creators and their communities

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Live off what you create. Finally.

Allow your community to support you easily: tips, subsriptions and you very own Creator Token. All packaged in an easy and delightful user experience.

For everyone. Yes, even you.

Wether you're a filmmaker, a musician, a digital artist, a gamer, or even a furry vtuber: you're welcome on Pleiad. Just bring your communuty for the ride and finally start to enjoy the perks of living off your creations.

Everybody wins. Literally.

Every member of your community that chooses to support you by purschasing your Creator Token will be able to make a profit as you get more and more renowned. But you'll always profit too thanks to our royalties system.

Your community. Like for real.

Thanks to our blockchain based techology (You don't need to know anything about blockchain to use Pleiad btw), your community members are truely yours. Nobody (even us) can take them away.

No need to leave your existing platform of choice. Yet.

Pleiad isn't another platform to add to your stack and manage... Wether you're a YouTuber, a TikToker, an Instagrammer or Whatever... Keep your favorite diffusion channels and just use Pleiad to finance your activity.

Developper fiendly

Are you the big boss of a platform with a lot of users ? Well you're in for a treat: Pleiad provides an easy to use API that will allow you to use it like a CreatorFinancing as a Service. You'll be able to use all our features and allow your users to back and finance each others directely on your website, while earning your cut too. Crazy right?